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Step on the Strymon Zelzah multidimensional phaser modulation effects pedal, and you’re instantly taken back to a world of classic phaser tones as they were always meant to sound, perfectly voiced, with tons of vibe. Zelzah features vintage four-stage and six-stage phasing with controls that allow seamless transitions to vibrato, gorgeous flanging, chorus and new sounds never heard before.

Zelzah is two different phasers, side by side in one pedal. Zelzah’s four-stage side gives you a wide array of classic tones ranging from phasing to vibrato and more, while the six-stage side provides phasing, flanging, chorus and all points in between. Dial in a chorus on one side and barber pole phaser on other, or a phaser on one side and tremolo on the other. Use the two sides independently or together in a variety of configurations to carve out your own unique tone.
Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser Modulation Effects Pedal Midnight
Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser Modulation Effects Pedal Midnight

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  • Two independent effects that can be configured and controlled separately or simultaneously in series, parallel or split configurations
  • Vintage four-stage phaser with three phaser sweep modes: classic, barber and envelope Six-stage phaser algorithm with a continuous range
  • All controls are carefully voiced to produce musically useful sounds at any setting

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