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Specialty Flutes

No two musicians are alike; we each have our own personal style and way of doing things. So it makes sense that not all instruments should be alike, either. Most of the time, it can be enough for a flutist to take a standard flute and swap in a custom head joint to get that individualized sound - but maybe you're looking to take things a step further? In this category, you'll find specialty flutes that are uniquely designed from the ground up. It's the perfect place to branch out and add something altogether different to your instrument collection, so if you've been thinking about what you can do to set yourself apart from the average musician, a specialty flute just might hold the answer.

For an example of the sort of instrument you can expect to find here, just take a look at the Altus Handmade Flute D'Amore. Based on a design that saw its golden age in the 18th century, it's become a sought-after style of flute among collectors, jazz players and doublers. Blending the response, projection and versatility of a C flute with the silky-smooth, dark tone of an alto, the flute d'amore's name is well-earned because it's an easy instrument to fall in love with. The Altus model is available in keys of Bb and A, so you can choose the best fit for your own needs, whether those are jazz performance, classical soloing or something else altogether.

Whatever your reason is for checking out this selection of specialty flutes, it's safe to say that you can accomplish extraordinary things in your musical career with such a unique instrument at your side. It could be your ticket to creating a whole new musical style that's all your own, not to mention a great conversation starter to have on display at home - master the techniques for playing your new specialty flute, and you'll always look forward to the moment when a guest or family member lays eyes on it and asks you to play for them!