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Speaker Cases

In the pro audio field, there's a lot to be said for logistics. Shows and performances are only the public-facing part of the action, and when you work behind the scenes, it means putting in long hours handling all your equipment. So shouldn't you have the gear you need to handle it in a pinch? The speaker cases available in this section are designed to make your life a little easier when it comes to moving your cabinets and PA systems from place to place. On top of that, they add a layer of protection that guards the speakers inside from bumps, scrapes and scratches, so not only will speaker cases help you manage transportation; they'll keep your speakers in good shape, too. There are plenty of options here to choose from, but it shouldn't be tough to decide which one is right for you. Check out the different sizes to find the best fit for your speakers or PA system, and take a look at the features each case has to offer. The SKB Rolling Speaker Case, for instance, has an extendable handle that makes it easy to wheel along, and the front panel opens up so the speaker can stay right in the case even when it's set up - which makes tear-down as easy as closing it up and carting it away. Sometimes, a custom fit is the only way to go, especially if your speakers have a unique shape. Just check out the SKB Bose L1 Model II Power Stand/Audio Engine Case for an example - it's built specifically for the system's tall, skinny speakers. There's also the SKB Bose L1 and L1 Model II Speaker Case, which can carry a wider variety of L1 models and has earned a top rating for its build quality. These cases, like most of the others in this section, have built-in wheels to make transporting your system as effortless as possible. With manufacturers as well-known as Gator and SKB in the mix, you can tell in advance that there are some good things waiting for you in this lineup of speaker cases. Whether you're a pro audio tech or a musician with your own PA equipment, you've got every reason to make transporting and setting up your gear quicker and easier - and these speaker cases are definitely cut out for the job.