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Single French Horns

If you have a youngster who has shown interest in learning a musical instrument, the single French horn may be just the answer. With their ease of use, lightweight feel and affordable price (compared to most other brass instruments) single French horns are ideal for younger students. Single French horns are typically in the keys of B-flat and F, with most B-flat models featuring a valve for playing in the key of A, and most F models contain long slides for tuning to E. From jazz to classical, this horn is suitable for a wide range of genres, and first-class brass instrument manufacturers like Jupiter, Allora and Amati specialize in their own top-notch models.

So which one in this section should you look at first? The choice is yours, but if affordability is your number one priority, go with the Allora AAHN-103 Series Single French Horn AAHN-103. Ideal for beginners, this horn is in the key of F, sports a lacquer finish and features a .460" bore with a specially-designed mouthpipe for easy playability and an 11.9" medium throat for amazing projection. The 103 also comes with a case and mouthpiece to add to its incredible value.

Or, if you're willing to spend a bit more, check out the Amati AHR 521 Series Single French Horn. This horn boasts an eye-catching yellow brass construction, 3 rotary valves, nickel-silver mouthpipe and trimmings, and an additional Eb slide. Perfect for both students and enthusiastic adults, it's obvious why the AHR 521 Series Single French Horn is a top seller.

And if these two impressive options didn't sway you, there are other models to consider as well. Learning a musical instrument that's equal parts challenging and fun like the single French horn can do wonders for anybody's confidence, and as time goes on, the rewards are substantial. The fact that you've come to this selection means you're definitely on the right path to finding a single French horn that's high in quality, and that any aspiring player would be proud to call their own.