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Sheptone goes the distance to achieve true vintage tone with the introduction of the Miles single coil bass pickup. Designed to accurately reproduce the tone of the milestone Fender 1951 Precision Bass, Sheptone’s Miles bass pickup stays true to the original design specifications and can transform a contemporary bass guitar into a living legend. Resistance may vary from set to set since the winding process goes strictly by the number of turns of wire but DC resistances tend to be around 7.3k.
Sheptone Miles 51 P Bass Pickup

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  • Beveled alnico 5 magnets (0.195” wide) for articulate notes and wide dynamics
  • Vintage pole stagger
  • Proprietary windings to ensure a coil and tone consistent to the originals every single time
  • 42AWG plain enamel wire
  • Vintage spec’d flatware
  • Vintage push wire to stay true to the authenticity of the originals
  • Standard Fender pole spacing
  • Proceeds from the sale of the Miles pickup will be donated to further enhance research and education in hearing loss

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