Seymour Duncan


The traditional P-90 has a sound that is more powerful than a single coil, but is cleaner and clearer than a humbucker. However, the physical shape of a P-90 makes it so it won't fit in most guitars without modification. This Phat Cat P-90 Soapbar single-coil pickup set solves this, by putting a traditional P-90 under a humbucker cover so more people could access the beefed-up single-coil sound. In this set, the bridge pickup is RW/RP so it cancels hum when both pickups are used together.

Originally developed in the Custom Shop for Hamer Guitars, a Phat Cat is an actual single-coil P-90 Soapbar that fits under a humbucker cover and drops into humbucker-equipped guitars. The tone is big and fat, er, phat. It uses two Alnico 2 magnets for more sustain and softer attack. Also, the metal covers provide more shielding and noise reduction than standard soapbar covers. This 11108-16-NC Phat Cat P-90 Soapbar single-coil pickup set comes with single-conductor hookup cable.