Seymour Duncan

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The Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup is here to revolutionize your bass tone. Seymour Duncan, the venerated pickup designer, has harnessed the thunderous power of a P-Bass and the biting growl of a J-Bass in this groundbreaking set. Its high-output pickups infuse your playing with truckloads of punch while enhancing sustain and articulation. The Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup brings the sound of punk and hard rock legends to your fingertips.

High-Output Pickups Provide a Full, Punchy Tone

The Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup's pickups deliver a bold, impactful tone that cuts through the mix. Their high output expands your bass's frequency range for a fat, balanced sound with tremendous midrange presence. Massive coils and quarter" pole pieces give each note tremendous punch and bite. Whether you crave the deep thump of a P-Bass or the snarling tone of a J-Bass, the Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup serves up full, impactful sound in spades.

Versatile Pickups Handle Anything From Rock to Punk

While the Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup excels at aggressive rock and punk tones, its versatility makes it suitable for any genre. The P-Bass pickup delivers a warm, rounded tone perfect for blues and classic rock. The J-Bass pickup, with its focused midrange attack, is ideal for garage rock and heavy metal. Used together, these pickups can tackle funk, fusion or any style in between. Add a multi-band EQ and this set becomes endlessly flexible. The Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup gives you the power to shape your tone as you see fit.

Enhanced Sustain and Articulation

The Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup not only provides greater output but also improves your bass's performance. Intense coil windings and a focused magnetic field give each note tremendous clarity and definition. Your bass will ring out with bell-like sustain and razor-sharp articulation. fast, complex lines will sound clean and precise. The Quarter Pound Bass PJ Set Pickup helps your bass reach its full potential, enhancing both power and nuance.

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound PJ Bass Set - Black

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Massive attitude from the Jazz bass pickup in the bridge together with fat, full punch