Seymour Duncan

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The Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickup is a savagely high-output passive humbucker built for extreme metal, with no less than three large ceramic magnets to ensure maximum output and sustain in all high-gain situations. The custom overwound coil design delivers incredible clarity in the mids and highs, while the low end stays controlled and focused. The Black Winter is designed to handle any tuning, no matter how low you go, and its voicing facilitates aggressive palm mutes, fluid sweep picking, and punishing lead tones. The Seymour Duncan logo has been blacked out and is written in an Old English font—an unapologetic ode to the metal forefathers who inspired these humbuckers—and features a matte finish, a black bottom plate, black poles and black screws for an added dose of darkness.
Seymour Duncan Blackened Black Winter Set