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A selection of 12 songs including traditional material and original compositions by the author. This volume is intended for use by primary and secondary teachers, by students in schools and other educational institutions, and by performing groups · choirs, bands and clubs. The 'Notes for Teachers' section gives practical advice on process, accompaniments, group work, dance and storytelling. English syllables are presented underneath the African words to assist with pronounciation. Foreword · Introduction · Notes for Teachers · Songs: Atia de Menye (A Type of Tree I Am) · Wo Nunyuie (Do Good Deeds) · Amegbeto (Humankind) · Friends Today, Enemies Tomorrow · Agba Yee (Trouble) · Megawo Do le Kwasidagbe O (Do Not Work on Sundays) · Kofi kple Ama (Kofi and Ama) · Dzogbe Ha (Birthday Song) · Na Doe de Dzi (Point it upwards) · Dzigbodi (Patience) · Mina Miadzi Ha (Let Us Sing) · Dzidzwo Nkeke (Happy Day) · Pronuciation Guide
Schott African Songs for School and Community Schott Series