Born in New Zealand Arnold Trowell (1887-1966) came to Europe for his education, where he worked until his death as a composer, musician and educator. His pedagogically motivated compositions, such as the etiology collection Technology of cello, 6 Morceaux op.20, as well as the 12 morceaux faciles pour violoncelle op. 4, are still popular today. The publisher Beverley Ellis has selected movements 7-12 from opus 4 for this edition, which are graded as medium difficulty. Technical tips and suggestions for the development and interpretation of the pieces are included with this edition. The first 6 movements from op. 4, which are much easier and can be played in the first years of cello lessons, have also available in the Schott Student Edition (SE 1024). Context: Arioso Valsette Meditation Humoresque Chanson villageoise Arlequin