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The modular SSM-POP Shock Mount and Pop Filter microphone system from SABRA SOM will safely and firmly position, larger and heavier microphones. The SSM-POP combines the SSM-1 universal noise suppressing elastic microphone support with a high precision, 5" diameter, double face SPF pop filter at a surprising low cost.

SSM-1 Pop Filter

A replacement shock mount that works like the very best studio versions, the Sabra-Som SSM-1 is inexpensive and works with any mic! We have tried lots of solutions, and the SSM-1 decouples mics from "thumps" better than just about anything else we know of, regardless of price. This clever little design uses powerful elastics on two rings that can be moved closer or farther apart along a hexagonal metal bar. The SSM 1 fits any diameter microphone up to 2.5 inches. You can mount anything in the Sabra-Som SSM1 from a multi-pound large diaphragm tube mic to a lavalier mic. If you lost your old shock mount, must solve "thumping" on the desk, floor or podium, this is the one! Amazingly sturdy, it should last you a lifetime.

SSM-POP Pop Filter

The mounting of pop filters is often the biggest challenge for goosenecks are noisy and lose their stiffness, and other systems do not allow for varying distances or positions. The Sabra-Som crew has solved this problem with the Pop Filter Kit. The kit contains a dual membrane (replaceable) pop filter that mounts to the Sabra-Som Hex Bar. Two Hex Bars and Sabra-Som Articulated Hex Connectors are used to enable you to go "up and over" the mic for positive Pop Filter positioning and maximum clearance under the mic when singers/broadcasters must read.

The SSM-POP, is designed to be used vertically and will accommodate larger and heavier microphones. It adjusts easily and locks firmly into place, allowing for conventional or inverted configurations. By eliminating both vibrational thuds and breath pops it conserves the high performance of the microphone being used. The significant firmness of the SSM-POP is due to the elastic suspension rings being attached to the 200 mm bar and to the pop filter's 150 mm bar, creating a compact structure with the necessary flexibility to attach the pop-filter.

The Sabra Som SSM-POP consists of the following items:

¢1 articulated arm, formed by a 200 mm hexagonal aluminum bar and a 150 mm hexagonal aluminum bar

¢2 elastic suspension rings

¢1 central elbow with ratcheted central axis, with a 5/8" universal female thread at its base, attachable to any conventional microphone stand

¢1 5" diameter double-face pop filter

About Sabra-Som

In our never-ending quest to bring you the best and most useful musical products and accessories, every once and again we come across pure gold. One such discovery is Sabra-Som, is a Brazilian company that makes a line of unique and exceptionally clever modular and adaptive mic stand accessories. Based around a hex-rod design, each piece can be custom fit for any situation you might run into at the studio. Sabra-Som pop-filters, shockmounts, and T-bars are easy to use and some of the most flexible you will find anywhere. With Sabra-Som's modular systems, you can mix and match to make your own special miking kits.
Sabra Som SSM-POP Pop Filter and Shock Mount Kit for Microphones
Sabra Som SSM-POP Pop Filter and Shock Mount Kit for Microphones
Sabra Som SSM-POP Pop Filter and Shock Mount Kit for Microphones

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