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The SONOR AQ2 Safari Series maple 4-piece shell pack delivers a powerful yet nuanced tone for live performances and recording. Featuring 7-ply all-maple shells, SONOR's SmartMount isolation system and redesigned die-cast lugs, this shell pack provides warm, rich tones with superb resonance. The 16x15" kick drum punches through the mix with authority, while the 10x7" tom, 13x12" floor tom and 13x6" snare drum offer a blend of attack and full-bodied resonance.

SmartMount System Maximizes Sustain

SONOR's innovative SmartMount system attaches each drum to the bass drum in a way that allows the shells to vibrate freely, producing greater resonance and a wider dynamic range. The result is a full, nuanced tone with outstanding projection. For drummers wanting power and subtlety in equal measure, the AQ2 Safari's SmartMount is truly a game changer.

Fast, Versatile Maple Shells

At the core of the AQ2 Safari's tone are 7-ply all-maple shells chosen for their blend of low-end punch, midrange focus and brilliant highs. The shells' thin profile and rounded 45-degree bearing edges allow notes to bloom fully before decaying naturally. This combination of shell material and design gives drummers a versatile set of tools for crafting their signature sound.

Redesigned Hardware Provides Solid Foundation

SONOR gave the AQ2 Safari a hardware upgrade to match its revamped shell technology. Newly designed die-cast lugs securely hold the shells in during rigorous playing, while the included bass drum spurs and sturdy tom holder offer stability on any stage. For drummers who push their gear to the limit at every show, the AQ2 Safari's reinforced hardware provides peace of mind and precision tuning.

Complete Set for Gigging Drummers

With a full set of shells, tom holder and bass drum lift included, the AQ2 Safari shell pack has everything gigging drummers need to get started. Its smartly chosen components provide a versatile tonal palette for a range of music styles. For drummers ready to take their show on the road, the AQ2 Safari is a complete solution.

SONOR AQ2 Safari Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack Transparent Black
SONOR AQ2 Safari Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack Transparent Black

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  • 16x15" bass drum, 10x7" tom, 13x12" floor tom and 13x6" snare drum
  • 7-ply all-maple shells
  • SmartMount isolation system
  • Newly designed cast lug
  • Tom/cymbal holder and bass drum lift

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One year warranty on hardware. 2 year warranty on shells.