The all new SONOR AQ2 Series is an extremely versatile all-maple drum system, featuring 7-ply shells, the new SmartMount isolation system, and newly designed cast lug. These drums are available in five great finishes, and are offered in some familiar configurations previously available only in lower-end shell materials. 16x15" bass drum, 10x7" tom, 13x12" floor tom, 13x6" snare drum, tom/cymbal holder and bass drum lift, you can be prepared for any playing situation. Cymbals and hardware sold separately
  • 16x15" bass drum, 10x7" tom, 13x12" floor tom and 13x6" snare drum
  • 7-ply all-maple shells
  • SmartMount isolation system
  • Newly designed cast lug
  • Tom/cymbal holder and bass drum lift
One year warranty on hardware. 2 year warranty on shells.