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The Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone was designed to be used in the studio and onstage. Built by hand in Royer’s Burbank, California, factory, this passive mono ribbon mic can handle SPLs of up to 160 dB at 1 kHz. Its compact size and mounting system also allows for flexible, unobtrusive positioning.

2.5-Micron Aluminum Ribbon Element

The Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone has a 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon element, which is formed via Royer’s direct-corrugation process. It’s shielded by a 3-layer windscreen system, which provides superior protection from air blasts and plosives. The built-in windscreen also greatly reduces proximity effect, which is when bass builds up from close miking, so that guitar cabinets and acoustic instruments can be miked close-up with less of the bass buildup. In addition, the Royer R-10’s internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer isolates the ribbon element from shocks and vibrations. This isolation increases the microphone’s durability.

David Royer Custom-Designed Transformer

The Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone also features a David Royer custom-designed transformer for high overload threshold. This minimizes saturation at even very high sound pressure levels.

Top-of-the-Line Sound

This ribbon microphone captures all the low end, midrange warmth and punch that guitarists and engineers have come to expect from a Royer. Royer ribbon mics are iconic partners for electric guitars, and the R-10 works its best on studio and live electrics. The Royer R-10 can also expertly handle brass instruments, drums, violins, ukuleles, steel-stringed and nylon-stringed acoustic guitars and banjos, and other stringed instruments. Vocals also record warm and naturally on an R-10, with the EQ-friendliness allowing for dialing in completely different sounds.

Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone
Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone
Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone

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  • Excellent studio and live mic
  • High SPL handling
  • Dave Royer custom designed transformer
  • 2.5-micron R-series ribbon element
  • 3-layer windscreen system
  • Acclaimed Royer ribbon sound
  • Hand-built in Burbank California

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  • Element: Ribbon
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Max SPL: 135 dB
  • Connector: XLR
Pattern and Type
  • Capsule: Ribbon
  • Polar pattern: Figure-8
  • Type: Mounted
  • Phantom power required: No
Size and Weight
  • Diameter: 35mm. / 1.4 in.
  • Length: 149 mm. / 5.8 in.
  • Weight: 13 oz. / 0.8 lbs.
Included Accessories
  • Case: Protective Case
  • Clip: Yes
  • Shockmount: Yes
  • Pop filter No
  • Power supply: No
  • Cable: No
  • Stand: No

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