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Roland LX Series Premium Upright Piano | Performance by Alex Szilasiplay button

Roland LX Series Premium Upright Piano | Performance by Alex Szilasi


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The LX-5 digital piano inspires limitless creativity. With advanced Piano Reality Modeling, it produces the rich, complex tone of a premium acoustic grand piano. The PHA-50 hybrid keyboard puts the responsive feel of real piano keys under your fingers. Connect via Bluetooth to play along with your favorite songs or use interactive apps to enhance learning. Adjust ambience, tuning, touch sensitivity and more to personalize the sound.

Play With Authentic Expression

With the PHA-50 keyboard, you'll experience the nuanced control of a real piano. Weighted keys provide finely gradated touch response for emotional expression. The hybrid action combines natural wood and synthetic materials for durability and authentic feel. You'll fly through arpeggios and trills with precision. The innovative escapement mechanism adds a perceptible click to recreating the hammer-string interaction of a grand piano.

Transport to Different Acoustic Environments

Want to perform in a cathedral or jazz club? Instantly change the ambience with the touch of a button. Piano Reality Ambience projects four immersive environments through the stereo speaker system. Close your eyes and you'll feel transported. For private practice, plug in headphones to envelop yourself in beautiful music without disturbing others.

Connect and Create

Connect a smartphone or tablet to the LX-5 via Bluetooth and play along with songs from your music library. Dive into the Roland Piano App to access interactive piano lessons and exercises. The LX-5 also has USB ports to link with computers and save recordings or share files with friends and teachers. Twin Piano mode splits the keyboard to play duets in the same range. A built-in metronome helps you keep time and the recorder lets you evaluate your progress.

Find the Perfect Fit

If you're unsure how the LX-5 will look in your space, use the Piano AR app. Scan your room and place a 3D model of the piano. Customize the finish, angle and position until it's ideally suited to your surroundings. The compact, upright design blends with any decor. And it arrives in three boxes for easy installation anywhere in your home.

Whether you're a beginner ready to start lessons or an experienced pianist looking to upgrade, the LX-5 fuels your passion for playing. Adjust tonal elements to suit your musical tastes and technical level. Connectivity options open up a world of creative possibilities and the authentic keyboard feel inspires emotional expression. Make the LX-5 the centerpiece of your creative life.

Roland LX-5 Premium Digital Piano with Bench Charcoal Black
Roland LX-5 Premium Digital Piano with Bench Charcoal Black
Roland LX-5 Premium Digital Piano with Bench Charcoal Black

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Piano Reality Modeling sound engine for rich, resonant acoustic piano tone PHA-50 hybrid keyboard with hammer action, escapement and Ivory Feel materials for authentic touch Piano Reality Projection sound system with custom stereo speakers for immersive sound Connect via Bluetooth to access digital scores, play along with songs and control features with Roland Piano App

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