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The Remo Weather King Ambassador Coated drumheads have set the industry standard for over 50 years. Remo's proprietary 1-ply 10-mil Mylar film and weather-resistant coating come together to produce a drumhead that delivers a warm, open tones with bright attack and controlled sustain, perfectly suited for both recording and live performance.

Weather-Resistant Coating Withstands Humidity and Temperature Changes

Remo's weather-resistant coating protects the drumhead from damage caused by changes in humidity and temperature. The coating ensures that the drumhead will maintain consistent tone and performance regardless of environmental conditions. Musicians can rely on the Ambassador Coated to deliver optimal sound at every gig or recording session.

Versatile and Balanced Tone For Any Musical Application

The Ambassador Coated's thin 1-ply 10-mil produces a versatile tone that works for any musical application. The balanced response provides enough attack for rock and funk while also emphasizing sustain and projection required for jazz and orchestral styles. This highly responsive drumhead allows drummers to achieve a wide range of tones using standard drum tuning techniques.

Available Sizes For Any Drum Kit

Remo offers the Ambassador Coated drumhead in a wide range of sizes to suit any drum kit. Drummers can find the perfect fit for snare drums, tom-toms and kick drums. The Ambassador Coated allows drummers to achieve a consistent sound across the entire drum kit.

Remo Weather King Ambassador Coated Head 14 in.