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Remo brings back a classic with the Vintage Ambassador Coated Batter Drum Head. Remo has faithfully recreated the original 1957 Weatherking Ambassador drumhead to provide drummers with a warmer, fuller tone with more control than Remo's modern Ambassadors. The Vintage Ambassador is constructed from 7.5-mil and 3-mil plies for enhanced durability during live shows and touring. Its tone falls somewhere between Remo's coated Ambassador and coated Emperor drumheads.

Authentic Vintage Tone and Performance

Remo studied original 1950s Ambassadors to recreate the unique tone, feel, and performance. The result is a drumhead that provides a warmer, more controlled tone than today's coated Ambassadors. The Vintage Ambassador offers drummers a vintage-inspired tone that is perfect for rock, jazz, and other genres.

Durable 7.5-mil and 3-mil Construction

While the Vintage Ambassador provides a vintage tone, it is built to handle the demands of modern drumming. The 7.5-mil and 3-mil ply construction makes this drumhead more durable and resilient during live shows, studio sessions and touring. The Vintage Ambassador can handle the impact of drumsticks while maintaining its tone and performance.

A Tone Between the Ambassador and Emperor

Remo's Vintage Ambassador provides a tone that sits perfectly between the company's coated Ambassador and coated Emperor drumheads. It has more low-end and midrange than the Ambassador but less than the Emperor. This provides drummers with additional tonal options to achieve their perfect sound. The Vintage Ambassador works well as a batter drumhead on snares and toms.

Available Sizes for Any Drum Kit

The Remo Vintage Ambassador Coated Batter Drum Head is available in sizes from 8" to 18" to suit the needs of any drum kit. Remo's dedication to quality and tone means that no matter the size, each Vintage Ambassador drumhead will provide the same vintage-inspired tone, feel and performance. The Vintage Ambassador allows drummers to outfit an entire drum kit with a warm, controlled tone.

Remo Vintage Ambassador Coated Batter Drum Head 14 in.

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