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The Remo Silentstroke Drum Head 15" is a breakthrough product allowing drummers to practice quietly without sacrificing feel. Remo developed the Silentstroke series to provide drummers with an alternative to rubber practice pads that feel unrealistic and dampen shell resonance. The Silentstroke 15" drumhead is constructed from a durable yet pliable mesh material that dramatically reduces volume while retaining the responsive quality of traditional drumheads.

Practice Day or Night Without Disturbing Others

The Remo Silentstroke 15" drumhead decreases volume by over 70 percent compared to a standard single-ply drumhead, making it ideal for practice in apartments, townhomes and other shared spaces where loud noises are prohibited or discouraged. Drummers can now practice their craft on a full kit during off-hours without worry of bothering roommates, family members or neighbors.

Experience Natural Drum Feel and Shell Projection

While rubber practice pads muffle tone and feel unnatural under the sticks, the Remo Silentstroke 15" drumhead provides a familiar springy response that allows drummers to work on technique and build muscle memory. The open mesh material also allows the unique tonality of the drum shell to resonate, enabling drummers to achieve a balanced, full-kit sound at a whisper-quiet volume.

Prolong the Life of Performance Drumheads

The Remo Silentstroke 15" drumhead protects expensive performance drumheads from damage during practice. No longer is it necessary to tape up drumheads or place bulky dampening materials on the playing surface that can mar the drumhead. The Silentstroke series is a comprehensive solution for quiet practice that leaves performance drumheads fresh for gigging.

Highly Durable and Available for All Standard Sizes

Remo built the Silentstroke 15" drumhead to withstand the demands of regular practice. The sturdy mesh material is tear-resistant and long-lasting. Remo offers the Silentstroke series in diameters from 6" to 24" to suit the needs of all drummers and standard drum sizes.

Remo Silentstroke Drum Head 18 in.

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  • Durable single-ply mesh material
  • Authentic feel and response
  • Ideal for low-volume practice applications
  • Available in sizes 6"–18"

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