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The Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum Walnut 2.5x14 is a pre-tuned frame drum that features an Acousticon drum shell and Fiberskyn drumhead to produce warm, projecting tones ideal for any musical application. Measuring 14" in diameter and 2.5" tall, this hand drum generates deep, resonant sounds perfect for drum circles, live shows and recording sessions.

Fiberskyn Drumhead Provides a Wide Range of Tones

The Remo Fiberskyn 3 drumhead comes pre-tuned to an ideal pitch, allowing you to start playing right out of the box. Made from synthetic fibers, the Fiberskyn head produces a wide range of tones from high to low. Play it with your hands or mallets to create a thunderous bass or a sharp slap. The drumhead's versatility makes this frame drum suitable for any style of music.

Acousticon Shell Boosts Projection

Remo crafted the sturdy shell from Acousticon, a material designed to enhance a drum's acoustic properties. The 0.25" thick shell amplifies the drumhead's sound, boosting volume and projection. Despite its small size, this frame drum cuts through live mixes and open spaces.

A Portable Drum With Premium Construction

Although compact, the Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum is built to withstand heavy use. Metal braces connect the Acousticon shell and Fiberskyn drumhead, keeping the drum securely intact during intense playing. Carry it using the integrated handle to bring its bold sound wherever you go.

Additional Features

A thumb notch in the shell provides a comfortable grip. Pre-drilled holes allow you to install your own cross bracing. Experience the Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum.

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  • Ideal for professional and recreational applications
  • Sizes: 8" - 22"
  • Pre-tuned Fiberskyn drumhead and an Acousticon drum shell
  • Lightweight, durable and weather-resistant
  • Excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals

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One year warranty on heads.
5 year warranty on hardware and practice sets.
Warranty terms vary. Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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