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Remo's renowned Clear Ambassador batter drumhead produces an open, ringing tone with crisp attack and long sustain. The Ambassador's thin, responsive film vibrates freely with each strike, projecting sound with clarity and volume. For over 50 years, Remo's Clear Ambassador has been the industry-standard drumhead for live performance and recording, trusted by drummers worldwide for its versatility and reliability.

Responsive Film Delivers Explosive Tone

The Clear Ambassador's 10-mil film is thin and pliable, allowing it to resonate fully with each hit. This responsive construction gives drummers an articulate tone with punchy attack and ample ring. The open, unmuffled sound of the Clear Ambassador also cuts through loud stages and mixes well in recordings. For drummers seeking volume, projection and tonal complexity, the Clear Ambassador delivers.

Versatile and Durable: Perfect for Any Genre

Remo's Clear Ambassador drumheads are a versatile choice suitable for all music styles. Their wide dynamic range and balanced tone complement rock, jazz, blues, funk and more. Road-tested and built to last, Clear Ambassadors also handle the demands of frequent gigging and touring. The 10-mil film provides durability without sacrificing tone and the precisely tensioned Mylar helps drumheads maintain pitch and performance over time. For drummers on the move, the Clear Ambassador is a reliable, do-it-all solution.

Remo Clear Ambassador Head 16 in.

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