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The Smooth White Ambassador marching bass drumhead is renowned for its classic open tone, projection and attack. Incredible sound, consistency and reliability is what makes the Remo Smooth White Ambassador the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) drumhead of choice for the vast majority of marching bass drum manufacturers.

Constructed of single-ply high-strength 10-mil film, the Smooth White Ambassador is versatile enough for all playing styles, from marching band to drum corps, indoor to outdoor. Featuring high-strength, heavy gauge, deep channel aluminum hoops, and REMO'S patented Crimplock high-tension collar. Remo marching bass drumheads tune up easily, maintain their pitch and offer greater durability.

Remo is the overwhelming choice of the finest high school and college marching bands, drum corps, indoor drumlines, and educators worldwide.
Remo Ambassador Smooth White Bass Head with Crimplock Collar White 16 in.

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  • For marching band to drum corps, indoor to outdoor
  • Single-ply high-strength 10-mil film
  • Heavy gauge, deep channel aluminum hoops
  • REMO's patented Crimplock high-tension collar

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  • Available sizes
    16" (BR-1216-MP)
    18" (BR-1218-MP)
    20" (BR-1220-MP)
    22" (BR-1222-MP)

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