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The Rees Harps Grand Harpsicle Harp is poised to transform the harp world. Weighing a mere 11 pounds, this innovative 33-string acoustic/electric lever harp extends two full octaves below middle C while retaining the rich, resonant tone harpists crave. Play it as a floor harp, lap harp or strap-on harp—the detachable legs provide versatile positioning for any performance setting. And when plugged in, the Grand Harpsicle Harp delivers a lush amplified tone perfect for recording in the studio or performing on stage through its own pickup or a wireless transmitter.

Unparalleled Portability for the Harpist on the Go

At just 11 pounds, the featherweight Grand Harpsicle Harp gives harpists unmatched freedom. Easily transport it to gigs, recording sessions or practice spaces without the hassle of heavy equipment. And with detachable legs, a strap and the ability to play as a lap harp, you can position it however inspiration strikes.

Fishman Pickup and Preamp Provide Pro-Level Plugged-in Tone

The built-in Fishman pickup and preamp system lets you amplify the Grand Harpsicle Harp for a huge range of applications. Dial in the ideal amount of warmth and clarity, and send your harp signal to an amplifier, PA system or recording interface. The pickup accurately captures the harp's acoustic resonance and string response for a studio-quality plugged-in tone.

Extended Range Covers the Full Harp Spectrum

While highly portable, the Grand Harpsicle Harp sacrifices none of the range harpists require. Its 33 strings extend down to two full octaves below middle C, providing a wide tonal palette for any genre. Natural maple construction and a soundboard designed for optimal resonance help each string ring through with stunning clarity and depth.

Premium Features at an Affordable Price Point

Rees Harps pulled out all the stops in crafting the Grand Harpsicle Harp. It features high-end components like a solid maple body, ebony accidentals, nylon strings and gold-plated tuners. And at a price far below most professional harps, the Grand Harpsicle Harp brings the lush, resonant tone of an acoustic harp within reach of musicians at any level.

Rees Harps Grand Harpsicle Harp Red

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