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The Humcutter series of hybrid pickups from Railhammer uses their unique technology to provide P90 tones without the hum. The Railhammer Heavy 90 bridge pickup takes the punch and growl of a classic P90 and adds enough of their special hot sauce to produce a hum-free pickup with drive and sustain similar to a traditional humbucker, while retaining the attack and clarity of a P90. Great for rock and any musical style that just needs to hit it a little harder.

Railhammer's approach to pickup design puts rails under the bass side and individual pole pieces under the treble side to leverage the strengths of both. With fat low-end that never gets muddy and soaring highs that don't "icepick," they are rapidly become the pickup of choice for many notable players.
Railhammer Heavy 90 Humbucker Pickup Gold Bridge

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  • Kohms: 15.0
  • Wire Gauge: 43
  • Magnet: Ceramic

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