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The Puresound Custom Series 20 Strand Snare Wires 14" provide professional-level quality and performance. Crafted with care in the USA, these snare wires feature 20 strands of medium-gauge steel that are evenly spaced for consistent tension and crisp, articulate response. The Custom Series wires are designed to maximize the timbre and sensitivity of 14" snare drums, allowing drummers to achieve an ideal balance of shell resonance and snare presence. Available in a range of strand configurations, the 20-strand option offers an increased snare activity for greater influence over the overall drum sound. is proud to offer these premium, handcrafted snare wires that provide drummers a lively and controllable snare sound.

Crisp, Evenly-Spaced Wires

The Custom Series 20 Strand Snare Wire features high-quality, medium-gauge steel wires with standard coils that are precisely and evenly spaced. This consistent spacing allows for equal tension across the drumhead, producing an articulate snare response with a full range of dynamics. The 20-strand configuration provides a heightened snare presence, allowing drummers to dial in just the right amount of snare activity to complement the natural resonance of the shell.

Premium, Handcrafted Quality

Puresound snare wires are designed, engineered and handcrafted in the USA to meet the most rigorous standards of quality and performance. The Custom Series utilizes high-grade materials and a meticulous manufacturing process to achieve maximum durability, tonal clarity and sensitivity. Drummers can depend on these premium snare wires to deliver a crisp, controllable snare sound for recording and live playing.

Enhanced Tone and Control

The Custom Series 20 Strand Snare Wire provides drummers an enhanced tonal palette and greater control. The increased number of strands allows for heightened snare response, enabling drummers to boost overall snare presence or pull back for a more balanced blend with shell resonance. This versatility makes it easy to achieve an ideal snare sound for any musical style or environment.

A Snare Wire for Every Drum

In addition to the 20-strand option, the Custom Series offers snare wires in 16-strand versions for balancing snare and shell components for any snare drum. Puresound also produces vintage-style wires for older drums as well as wires for piccolo and field snares. With Puresound, there's a premium snare wire to match every drummer's needs.

Puresound Custom Series 20 Strand Snare Wire 13 in.

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  • 20-strand
  • Medium-gauge
  • Evenly spaced
  • Professional quality
  • premium-grade steel-alloy wires

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