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Custom Pro Series Steel Snare Wires are designed to give drummers an unrivaled level of control and clarity. These innovative wires feature anti-choke end plates that banish annoying snare buzz, even at higher tensions. The end result is a crisp, cutting snare sound with punch and articulation. Speed Release straps make swapping out heads or wires a breeze, enabling quick changes between songs.

Anti-Choke End Plates Deliver a Tight, Focused Sound

The anti-choke end plates are the secret behind the Custom Pro Series' focused tone and sensitivity. They significantly reduce snare buzz, allowing drummers to crank up snare tension for a tight, responsive feel without choking the drum. The end plates help produce clear, articulate snare hits across the entire dynamic range.

Speed Release Straps Streamline Setup Changes

Speed Release straps revolutionize the process of changing snare heads or wires. There's no need to disengage the straps from the strainer or butt clamps. Drummers can simply release the straps to swap out components, then re-engage them with a quick snap. The straps save valuable time, whether making adjustments between songs on stage or experimenting with different sounds in the studio.

Steel Coil Wires Deliver a Crisp, Modern Sound

The steel coil wires at the heart of the Custom Pro Series produce a crisp, focused snare sound that cuts through any mix. The steel coils deliver a fast, articulate response that complements contemporary styles of music. Their bright, cutting tone is ideal for rock, funk and hip hop.

Premium Components for Premium Sound

From the steel coil wires to the Speed Release straps and anti-choke end plates, every component in the Custom Pro Series is engineered to the highest standards. The result is a snare wire set that delivers premium performance, empowering drummers with an unmatched level of tonal control and clarity. Experience the difference at your nearest music store today.

Puresound Custom Pro Series Steel Snare Wires 24 Strands 13 in.

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  • Anti-choke end plates
  • Reduced snare buzz
  • Crank up their snare tension for a tight response without choking the drum
  • Speed Release straps allow player to disengage the snare wires without releasing the straps from the strainer or butt clamps
  • Quick and crisp snare response

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