Created in collaboration with Kevin Shah and Tony Nunez, the SPYR Series offers a full suite of mallets for a complete spectrum of sounds.

SU3R Hard Rubber Xylo Mallet
This small, hard synthetic rubber mallet is an ideal practice mallet for xylophone, and provides a clear pitch without the worry of damaging natural bars.

SU4R Poly Xylo Mallet
A quick, nimble mallet in the offering, this light, poly mallet was designed primarily for use with ragtime xylophone repertoire.

SU5R Hytrel Xylo Mallet
This medium xylo mallet was designed with a slightly larger mallet head than most traditional xylo mallets to provide a full tone from both synthetic and natural bars. The SU5R is great for "Appalachian Spring" by Copland or other ensemble playing.

SU6R Medium Hard Hytrel Xylo Mallet
Lighter and brighter than the SU5R, this mallet is a great general purpose xylophone option. Works great for "Colas Bruegnon" by Kabelevsky among others.

SU7R Lexan Bell Mallet
The combination of lexan and an internal brass weight provide a full fundamental sound on bells with very little “tick”. Perfect for "Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky.

SU8R Nylon Bell Mallet
These small, nylon mallets feature an internal 5g brass weight to create a full, bright tone on the bells, while the thin, short rattan shaft helps maintain a nimble feel for intricate passages. Try it on excerpts from "La Mer" by Debussy.

SU9R Large Delrin Xylo/Bell Mallet
These large, delrin mallets provide a very strong, bright tone. Although they are ideal for use on bells, like the first passage in "Pines of Rome" by Respighi, they can also be used for passages on xylophone where the instrument needs to project.

SU10R Medium Delrin Xylo/Bell Mallet
The hardest, most articulate non-metallic bell mallets in the suite. Compared with the SU9Rs, these mallets are lighter and feature a thinner shaft, making them more manageable for intricate passages on bells like "Sorcerers Apprentice" by Dukas.

SU11R Large Aluminum Bell Mallet
Large aluminum mallets provide a very bright, full sound from bells, without the weight that you traditionally find with brass. These mallets sound great on crotales as well.

SU12R Medium Aluminum Bell Mallet
Slightly lighter and smaller than the SU11R mallet for a more refined sound and facility around the instrument, necessary in passages like the "waterfall" section in "Sorcerer's Apprentice" by Dukas.

SU13R Medium Brass Bell Mallet
The SU13R provides a brighter, more articulate sound than aluminum or plastic and are perfect as a general metallic ensemble mallet.

SU14R Small Brass Bell Mallet
The smallest metallic mallet in Promark's offering. The SU14R is ideal for passages that call for soft control, like "The Finale to Act I of the Magic Flute" by Mozart.

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