The SPYR Series was created in collaboration with Kevin Shah and Tony Nunez. This full suite of mallets covers the entire vibraphone sound spectrum and works well in a variety of performances, from indoor and outdoor marching to concerts.

SV1R Soft Vibraphone Mallet
The SV1R vibe mallets feature a soft, oversized synthetic rubber mallet head wrapped in yarn, producing a very full sound on the instrument with minimal articulation.

SV2R Medium Vibraphone Mallet
By molding a medium synthetic rubber in a larger mallet head than most traditional vibe mallets, the SV2R achieves a full tone with good articulation across the entire instrument, making it an ideal general use mallet.

SV3R Hard Vibraphone Mallet
The combination of a hard synthetic rubber with a large mallet head size produces an articulate sound that cuts without sacrificing full tone from the instrument.

SV4R Very Hard Vibraphone Mallet
The SV4R vibe mallets feature a very hard, small oval-shaped mallet head wrapped in cord for a bright, articulate sound. These mallets are ideal for use in concert or unamplified settings where you need to project through an ensemble.