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PROMARK: Play. Plant. Preserve.

ProMark Drumsticks: The Official Stripes of Making Your Markplay button

ProMark Drumsticks: The Official Stripes of Making Your Mark

Reintroducing ProMark Drumsticksplay button

Reintroducing ProMark Drumsticks

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D'Addario Core: How to Choose a Drum Stick by Genre


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Promark's American Hickory Drum Sticks are meticulously designed to meet the exacting needs of drummers. Constructed from dense, responsive American hickory, these TX747BW drumsticks produce a bold, resonant tone suited for drummers of all styles. Their oval wood tip provides articulation and focus, while the quick taper and forward balance offer rebound and speed.

Dense American Hickory for Resonance and Durability

Promark selects only the highest-quality American hickory for their drumsticks, prized for its density, stiffness and shock-absorbing qualities. This wood transmits vibrations efficiently for maximum resonance and volume. It also withstands the stresses of rigorous playing, resisting chips and cracks. The TX747BW's hickory construction gives drummers the best of both worlds: resonant tone and enduring strength.

Oval Wood Tip for Crisp Articulation

An oval wood tip provides the TX747BW drumsticks with crisp articulation and focused striking power. Its elongated shape concentrates the energy of each stroke on a smaller surface area, resulting in a sharp, penetrating attack. The tip's wood construction also helps produce full-bodied tone with rich, warm overtones. This combination of articulation and resonance gives drummers complete control and expressiveness.

Quick Taper for Speed and Responsiveness

With a short, gradual taper, the TX747BW drumsticks respond instantly to the drummer's strokes. Their tapered design reduces excess weight towards the tip, resulting in a forward balance that requires less effort to wield. Drummers can execute intricate patterns and rapid rolls with speed and precision. The taper also provides enough mass in the shoulder to produce powerful, commanding strikes when required.

A Perfect Fit for Any Genre

Versatile and dynamic, Promark's American Hickory Drum Sticks suit any musical style. Their bold attack cuts through amplified genres like rock, while their resonant tone enhances the acoustic nuances of jazz, funk and R&B. With a range of tip shapes and tapers to choose from, drummers can find the ideal TX747BW sticks to match their needs and express their unique voice.

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