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Professional Double Horns

Known to be the most popular type of French horn played in orchestras and bass ensembles today, the professional double horn brings an incredible sound and a stunning look to classical music groups worldwide. And what's not to love about an instrument that is essentially two horns in one? By using a fourth valve (which is usually operated by the thumb), you have the ability to quickly switch from the deep, warm tones of the F horn to the higher, brighter tones of the B♭ horn. If you're looking for a professional-level double horn to make your talent shine and highlight your strongest playing techniques, you've definitely come to the right place.

With the variety of professional double horns in this section, finding the perfect one to suit your unique playing style shouldn't be a problem. Because these are all professional-level instruments, they represent the state of the art in terms of quality, craftsmanship and design. Take for example the Conn 11D Symphony Series Fixed Bell Double Horn. Offering musicians a resonating sound that works equally well for soloists and section players, the 11D series features a Geyer style wrap and a 12" medium throat bell for a quick, bright response that is clear and open.

If you prefer a bell that isn't fixed, check out the Holton H279 Farkas Professional French Horn. It's the same model as the Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn, but has a detachable bell. This free-blowing horn features a rich, dark sound designed for the "big horn" artist. Constructed from hard nickel silver that responds quickly and sounds brighter up close, the H279 French Horn earns top marks among professional musicians for its noiseless spring action, tapered hand-lapped brass valve rotors and detachable 12 1/4" hand-hammered nickel silver bell.

Whichever professional double horn you choose, you can be sure that it will deliver an amazing performance each and every time you practice or perform. So don't waste any time, jump right into this section of professional double horns and find out for yourself what any one of these beautiful instruments can bring to your musical career.