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If you are looking for a versatile and professional microphone, the PreSonus Revelator USB-C compatible microphone with StudioLive is the perfect choice. This accomplished microphone can be used to capture stunning voice-over work, soaring vocals for an instrument mix, and it’s USB-C compatible, so you can enjoy live streaming, vlogging and podcasting with a truly clean-cut and polished sound. The PreSonus Relevator microphone is true to its name because its capabilities in articulation and tone quality are above the average microphone.

The Multi-Use Microphone Professionals Love

The PreSonus Relevator USB-C microphone was carefully crafted to produce beautifully resonating tones that professionals love. The manufacturer provided 16 easy-to-use and editable presets that come in handy for quick and simple toggling between microphone functions. The PreSonus Relevator harnesses the famed StudioLive EQ with compression processing, reverb, and a multitude of voice effects to choose from. The microphone offers US Surface software; two user-friendly stereo loopback channels that are compatible with products like Skype, Zoom, gaming audio and more. Studio One Artist and Studio Magic are also included and compatible with both MacOS and Window operating systems. Its headphone output has a volume control and zero-latency monitoring, enhancing smooth and reflective real-time audio.

Inside the PreSonus Relevator

The professional PreSonus Relevator has three varied polar patterns to offer flexibility in voice applications. A cardioid pattern captures single source vocal tracks, an Omnidirectional pattern act as an overhead microphone and picks up all the sounds in a large space, and lastly, a Figure-8 pattern is best for authentic-sounding speaking or voice work like interviews or conversations.

Recording engineers love the prestigious and highly adaptable PreSonus Relevator microphone. There is an application for all your microphone needs so you don’t need to look any further, get your hands on this microphone while supplies last. This mic purchase includes a sturdy table-top stand with internal cable management for a clean-cut workspace.

PreSonus Revelator USB-C Compatible Microphone With StudioLive Black
PreSonus Revelator USB-C Compatible Microphone With StudioLive Black
PreSonus Revelator USB-C Compatible Microphone With StudioLive Black

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  • Professional bus-powered USB-C compatible microphone for podcasts, streaming, vlogging, home recording and more
  • StudioLive voice effects processing onboard with 16 easy-to-use presets
  • Two stereo loopback channels to record and stream Skype or Zoom calls, gaming audio and more
  • Pristine microphone with 3 polar patterns for maximum flexibility: Cardioid for single source applications; Omnidirectional to pick up the entire room; Figure-8, perfect for interviews and collaboration
  • Headphone output with volume control and zero-latency monitoring
  • 96kHz/24-bit operation for pristine audio recording
  • Elegant desktop stand with built-in cable management
  • 6-in/6-out audio interface
  • 1 dedicated microphone stream for analog recording
  • 2 dedicated output for headphone monitoring
  • 4-in/4-out virtual streams for application-to-application recording and playback with loopback options for macOS and Windows
  • Includes UC Surface software mixer: Create fully customizable channel strip presets using StudioLive Fat Channel’s EQ, Compressor, Gate and Limiter, plus Voice Effects and Reverb; lets you blend your Revelator input with two stereo loopback streams from two different applications
  • Studio One Artist included
  • Studio Magic software bundle included
  • macOS and Windows compatible

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MacOS and Windows compatible

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One year parts and labor warranty.

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