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Introducing the All-New Quantum Audio Interfaces | PreSonusplay button

Introducing the All-New Quantum Audio Interfaces | PreSonus

How To Set Up Your Quantum ES or HD Audio Interface | PreSonusplay button

How To Set Up Your Quantum ES or HD Audio Interface | PreSonus

Quantum ES Demo Featuring Louis Michot | PreSonusplay button

Quantum ES Demo Featuring Louis Michot | PreSonus


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The PreSonus Quantum ES2 audio interface represents the culmination of nearly 30 years of innovation in digital recording. This 2x2 USB-C interface gives you pristine 24-bit/192kHz audio quality with PreSonus' latest breakthroughs in preamp design, converter technology and ultralow latency drivers. Whether you're recording vocals, guitar or any other instrument, the Quantum ES2 delivers professional sound in an ultraportable package perfect for the modern home studio.

PreSonus Quantum ES2

Next-Generation MAX-HD Mic Preamps

At the heart of the Quantum ES2 are two newly designed MAX-HD mic preamps that set a new standard for transparency and gain. With an incredible +75dB of digitally controlled analog gain on tap, you can easily handle everything from whisper-quiet vocals to blistering guitar amps. Yet these preamps remain clean and neutral even when pushing higher gain levels. Their cutting-edge design combines the best of analog and digital to deliver maximum headroom with minimum noise and coloration.

PreSonus Quantum ES2Front Panel Input

Fender-Approved Instrument Input

Plug your guitar or bass straight into the Quantum ES2's dedicated front-panel instrument input. This 1/4" jack was codesigned by the tone experts at Fender to provide an ultrapure signal path optimized for your electric or acoustic-electric instruments. You'll hear every nuance and harmonic detail captured with stunning clarity. With such a high-fidelity front end, the Quantum ES2 is an outstanding choice for D.I.'ing instruments when recording in the studio or performing live. 

PreSonus Quantum ES2 With Computer

Effortless Level Setting With Auto Gain

One of the handiest features of the Quantum ES2 is the Auto Gain button. With a single press, it automatically sets the perfect input gain level for your microphone or instrument. No more fiddling endlessly with trim knobs—Auto Gain gets you dialed in for optimal recording levels at the press of a button. The illuminated push encoder also gives you quick visual feedback and precise manual control over gain and output volume.

PreSonus Quantum ES2 Back Panel

Exceptionally Low-Latency Performance

The Quantum ES2 is designed from the ground up to minimize latency while tracking. Its custom drivers provide ultrafast monitoring that preserves the natural feel and timing of your performance. High-performance converters ensure your audio remains stunningly clear from input to output. With its near-zero latency, you can confidently track with virtual instruments, record vocals over loops or monitor effects in real time without distracting delays or comb filtering.

PreSonus Quantum ES2 Studio One+ Software

Powerful Software for Creative Freedom

To fuel your creativity from day one, the Quantum ES2 includes a 6-month subscription to PreSonus' acclaimed Studio One+ recording software and its associated plug-ins, sound packs, tutorials, updates and a robust user community. This DAW provides unlimited track counts, advanced editing tools, third-party plug-in support and a wealth of virtual instruments and loops. The Studio One+ Professional edition gives you all the production power you need to craft impressive recordings. A Universal Control app also lets you adjust settings and monitor levels remotely from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

Whether you're just starting to build a home studio or upgrading your mobile rig, the PreSonus Quantum ES2 delivers pro-level audio quality in an ultracompact interface. Its advanced preamps, pristine converters and streamlined workflow make it an ideal recording solution for the modern musician. Take your creativity to new heights with the Quantum ES2.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • 2x2, 24-bit/192kHz USB-C Audio Interface
  • High-performance converters let you hear and capture audio with stunning clarity and fidelity.
  • Custom low-latency driver provides exceptionally low audio latencies when recording.
  • All-new, next-generation PreSonus MAX-HD preamp provides transparency and accuracy across the frequency range with +75dB of gain  to maximize the performance for a wide range of today’s most popular microphones for modern recording and broadcast.
  • Auto Gain button sets the perfect gain level for your microphones and instruments, so you get the perfect take every time.
  • Critical preamp functions like preamp gain, phantom power and more can be controlled right from Studio One or the Universal Control app, in addition to hardware, so you can dial in the perfect gain staging without looking away from your recording session.
  • Bright and responsive LED metering lets you keep an eye on your input and output meters, perfect when recording alone.
  • Two balanced 1/4" TRS main outputs and high-power headphone output for flexible monitoring.
  • Loopback audio makes creating monitor and streaming mixes quick and easy.

collapse expand iconWarranty

One year parts and labor warranty.

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