High quality and durable authentic steel drum for all ages and musical abilities. Kids 3+, adults & educators love it too! Made in USA by Panyard, world leaders and innovators in steel pans. You will be astounded by the quality, sounding as good as a professional pan but at an affordable price.  Easy to learn and fun to play. Can’t read problem!…the notes on the drum and song books are marked with the note letter. So easy to play you and your child will be jamming in minutes. Children love this instrument igniting all areas of child development helping body and mind work together; concentration, motor, rhythm & creativity. Adults dig it too as this hip instrument can be played as an intermediate instrument or just hanging poolside bringing the Islands home!       

Educators globally are easily incorporating the JJ into their existing music classroom curriculum teaching in conjunction with Orff and other instruments. Students love playing them. Steel Drums originated in Trinidad & Tobago, providing an opportunity for cross cultural studies.

Versatility is the best way to describe the JJ; a blend of simple design, durability (single piece all steel pan), and ease of learning/teaching allows it to be played/taught at the entry and intermediate level. It is great for learning music, family recreational music making, playing with other instruments, poolside jamming, worship music, classroom music education (K-8), music therapy etc. Also makes a fantastic gift item.  

Your ready-to-play kit is delivered in a portable carrying case that includes: 16” steel pan, mallets, tube floor stand and free downloadable beginner’s guide-song book. The 16” diameter pan contains 8 notes labelled with the note letter in the key of G so you can’t play a wrong note. The scale range is G4 to G5. The tube floor stand is height adjustable (20” to 38”) accommodating any size player. It is also collapsible easily fitting back into the carrying case; making your kit portable and easy to store. The base of the silver and chrome pans are traditional tubes. The base for the color pans (blue, pink and purple) are fun feet that match the color of the pan. The free downloadable beginner’s guide-song book includes play-along audio tracks for 5 original songs to get you started and instrument care instructions, playing techniques, history of the steel pan and the culture surrounding it. Additional song books and instructional guides available.           

Awarded twice by the National Association of Music Merchants with a "Best in Show" & "Best Tools for Schools."

The Jumbie Jam is named after a character in Trinidadian folklore; the “Jumbie.” This mischievous and playful spirit grabs hold of you, compelling you to do a particular thing. What you are urged to do depends on the type of Jumbie that bites you. You have now been bitten by the Pan Jumbie giving you the “Jumbie to Jam!”
  • Steel drum kit suited for adults and children 3+
  • Tube floor stand is collapsible and adjustable (20-38")
  • Letter markings make playing easy, even if you can't read music
  • Downloadable song book includes play-along songs, techniques and history
  • Awarded "Best Tools for Schools" and "Best in Show" by NAMM
  • Made in USA by Panyard, Inc.
  • Pan Diameter: 16 inches
  • Notes: 8
  • Key: G Major G4 to G5
  • Height (stand highest position): 38 inches
  • Height (stand lowest position): 20 inches
  • Width (with stand fully assembled):18 inches
  • JJ Fully assembled weight: 6.5 pounds
JJ Carrying Case Specifications 
  • Width: 17 inches
  • Height: 5 inches
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Weight (fully packed): 7 pounds

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