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The PRS S2 Custom 24-08 electric guitar offers remarkable performance and playability. Its mahogany body topped with figured maple provides warmth, resonance and sustain, while the Pattern Thin neck allows for effortless solos and chord changes. The PRS 85/15 "S" humbucking pickups deliver pristine clarity and an extended range of tones—made even more versatile thanks to two mini-toggle switches for independent coil-splitting. This innovative design offers eight unique pickup combinations to explore. Express yourself through a full range of techniques, from subtle vibrato to dramatic divebombs, with the PRS-patented tremolo bridge. Complete with iconic bird inlays.

Versatile Electronics Provide a Spectrum of Tones

The PRS 85/15 "S" humbucking pickups are clear and articulate, with an expansive tonal range. Two mini-toggle switches located on the upper bout engauge coil-splitting for each pickup independently, allowing for single-coil-like tones in addition to the full humbucking sounds. This provides eight distinct pickup combinations to suit any musical style or technique.

Pattern Thin Neck Profile Enables Effortless Playability

The PRS S2 Custom 24-08 features a Pattern Thin neck profile that is ideal for rapid solos, complex chords and extended jam sessions. Its rosewood fingerboard includes 24 frets, allowing for solos that reach into the highest registers. A 25" scale length and 1.687" nut width provide a comfortable feel for most players.

Mahogany Body with Maple Top Produces a Bold, Sustaining Tone

A mahogany back paired with a maple top gives the PRS S2 Custom 24-08 a bold, resonant tone with singing sustain. The maple top adds articulation and clarity, while the mahogany provides warmth and depth. Together they create a balanced tone equally suited for rhythm and lead playing.

PRS-Patented Tremolo Delivers a Range of Techniques

The PRS-patented tremolo bridge equips guitarists with a versatile tool for expressive playing. Subtly manipulate pitch with delicate vibrato or dive dramatically for a bold accent. The tremolo bridge handles the full range of techniques with stability and precision.

PRS S2 Custom 24 08 Electric Guitar Elephant Grey
PRS S2 Custom 24 08 Electric Guitar Elephant Grey
PRS S2 Custom 24 08 Electric Guitar Elephant Grey

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3 year warranty on parts, hardware, cases, and electronics. Limited lifetime warranty on all other products.

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