P. Mauriat


Affordability never sounded so good. The PMST-56GC Tenor saxophone is follow up to its alto cousin from P. Mauriat. With a nod to the success of the 57GC alto, the 56GC tenor continues in the tradition of providing a fantastic sound and scale at an affordable price.

The PMST-56GC Tenor Saxophone is made from 70/30 yellow brass and its unique rib construction allows for maximum resonance. It additionally features premium Pisoni pads for a tight seal and satisfying tactile experience, along with metal resonators for a little extra punch.

It is finished in a honey-gold lacquer with synthetic key touches, and utilizes blued steel springs for a superior feel in the hand. Additionally, the 56GC comes with an upgrade accessory package which allows players of all abilities the chance to sound great, right away. Sound, playability and beauty all reside within this versatile instrument.

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