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Intermediate Tenor Saxophones

In the 19th century, Adolphe Sax was what you might call a revolutionary instrument maker. He made lots of improvements to the woodwind and brass instrument designs of the day, but there's no doubt that his greatest achievement was the creation of the saxophone family. Of course, if you're looking for an intermediate-level instrument, then you probably already know all about Sax and his inventions - and with this selection of intermediate tenor saxophones, you're looking at some of the most versatile horns on the market today. Built to help you progress from beginner to pro, these instruments offer a fantastic balance between performance and affordability.

Are you interested in getting an upgrade to your accessories and gear along with your intermediate tenor sax? In that case, check out the options that come with extras bundled in. There's the Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor Saxophone Kit, for example, as well as the P. Mauriat Le Bravo 200T Intermediate Matte Finish Tenor Saxophone Kit. The stands, slings, mouthpieces and ligatures included with these instruments are carefully chosen to be a good match, so you'll be up and running with a solid set of accessories - no need to spend time shopping around.

Maybe you're the kind of saxophonist who enjoys standing out from the crowd. If that sounds like you, there are a few horns here that can give you the stage presence you're after with appearances as amazing as their sounds. For instance, the Jupiter JTL-1100S Tenor Saxophone has a handsome two-tone design that fits in right up to the professional level. Another fantastic suggestion is the Giardinelli 812 Series Black Nickel Tenor Saxophone: it's a stunning instrument that plays just as smooth as it looks.

The best thing of all about intermediate tenor saxophones may be the simple fact that you can choose a horn that's perfect for you. Whether you'd like a budget-friendly sax ready to take your skills to the next level or even a world-class instrument that will last you well into your career, it's waiting to be found in this section. All you have to do is take a look and imagine yourself playing each of these saxophones - when you like the mental image you see, you've probably found the one.