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PORTAL is a granular synthesis FX plugin that transforms audio in a forward-thinking and musical way. Turn your VSTs, drum samples or any live input such as vocals or guitars into infinite new possibilities. In the past, the results of granular synthesis were often chaotic and abstract. PORTAL is a step forward, re-synthesizing sounds to give you a result that’s more closely related to the original input. Experience the playability of granular effects that are actually centered around the music you make.

Go beyond the presets and mess with grain controls, modulation and FX in PORTAL’s advanced features.

Time Stretch
Slow down and stretch your sounds, then easily sync them to your master tempo or leave them un-synced for a more experimental vibe.

Add natural-sounding variations to envelopes for less repetitive, more organic sounds.

Pitch Shift
Alter the pitch of your sound without affecting its length or timing. Lock it into a scale for the most musical result.
Output Portal Granular FX Plug-in
Output Portal Granular FX Plug-in

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