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Other Instrument Strings

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If you happen to be a musician who plays a stringed instrument that's not considered mainstream, you know all too well that the search for new strings can often prove to be a challenge. Thankfully, this section of other stringed instruments is fully stocked with the strings you need to make your instrument sound its absolute best. Whether you need replacement strings for your oud, a whole new set for your sitar or stainless steel wound strings designed especially for your bajo sexto, you're going to find them here.

Let's kick things off by calling out a few of the top-selling sets of strings. Gauged for the mandola and tuned in fifths to the same pitch as the viola, the D'Addario EJ72 Phosphor Bronze Light Mandola Strings (14-49) produce a warm, balanced and bright acoustic tone thanks to their phosphor bronze construction. Or, perhaps the oud is your stringed instrument of choice - if so, then check out the Arabic Tuned LaBella OU80A Oud Strings or the Turkish Tuned OU80 Oud Strings. Both of these sets are constructed from clear nylon and are silver-plated wound. The main difference between the two is that the Turkish strings are meant to be tuned a whole step higher than the Arabic-style strings.

This catalog is also home to a selection of strings for Latin guitars. If you play the bajo qunito, then you already know that this mariachi guitar isn't your average acoustic instrument, which is why it requires a special set of strings to produce its light, resonating tone. In which case, equip your banjo quinto with the stainless steel wound LaBella BX100 Strings and you'll have no problem taking your sound to a professional level. LaBella also has strings for the guitarron, the bajo sexton and the cuatro - so if you happen to play one of these exciting Latin American instruments, finding an extra set of strings will be a breeze.

And these sets are just a few examples of the other instrument strings that are waiting here for you. One thing to keep in mind while you browse is that different strings produce different results, so it never hurts to experiment with more than one set to find the ones that are going to work best for your instrument and musical style.