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Designed for use only with the Concorde MkII MIX cartridge, this replacement stylus keeps your cartridge in peak form, delivering the solid performance you've come to expect from Ortofon. Even with proper care, styli gradually wear out over time, so you don't always notice the sound degradation that has been building. Nothing beats a new stylus when it comes to putting the clarity, power and thump back into your sound system.

The Concord Mix replacement stylus is a basic all-rounder for newcomers and experienced DJs alike, offering a fine balance between output and balance of sound quality and tracking ability.

Since the launch of the original Concorde cartridges more than 25 years ago, DJs have embraced the convenience, sound quality, and industrial design of the Concorde. With the launch of the Concorde MKII, Ortofon has listened to the demands of vinyl DJs of all types to develop a superior cartridge series with an unprecedented level of durability, groove holding, and sound quality.
Modern digital DJs can also take advantage of this cartridge’s superb sound quality, since the Concorde Mix is fully compatible with digital vinyl systems including Serato and Traktor.

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  • Replacement stylus for use only with Ortofon Concorde MkII MIX cartridge
  • Spherical stylus delivers durability and excellent tracking
  • 6mV output power
  • 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
  • 3 g recommended tracking force

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