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Redesigned from the ground up, the DVS-ready Concorde Mix features a more robust stylus tip with larger cut-out, as well as a replaceable textured grip and handle. The Concorde Mix cartridge is a basic all-rounder for newcomers and experienced DJs alike, offering a fine balance between output and balance of sound quality and tracking ability. Easy connectivity to the tonearm makes set-up quick and easy in any performance scenario.

The Concorde Mix's cut-out lets you quickly see precisely where you're putting the needle down, even in low-light conditions where DJs often find themselves working. When you're deep in the mix, cueing up your next track or sample, every second counts. You can't afford to waste time guessing where the needle is going to touch the record. Likewise, you want to see with a quick glance how far way that drop—or the end of the track—is from your needle.

Since the launch of the original Concorde cartridges more than 25 years ago, DJs have embraced the convenience, sound quality and industrial design of the Concorde. With the launch of the Concorde MKII, Ortofon has listened to the demands of vinyl DJs of all types to develop a superior cartridge series with an unprecedented level of durability, groove holding, and sound quality.

Modern digital DJs can also take advantage of this cartridge’s superb sound quality, since the Concorde Mix is fully compatible with digital vinyl systems, including Serato and Traktor.
Ortofon Concorde Mix DJ Cartridge Twin Pack With Case
Ortofon Concorde Mix DJ Cartridge Twin Pack With Case
Ortofon Concorde Mix DJ Cartridge Twin Pack With Case

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  • 2-pack of Concorde Mix DJ cartridges with replaceable textured grips
  • Includes custom metal flight case for protection
  • Spherical styli deliver excellent tracking and low wear
  • Redesigned cartridges feature larger cut-outs
  • 6mV output voltage and 20Hz–20kHz frequency range