Orange Amplifiers


The Rockerverb 50 MkIII 2x12 combo from Orange Amplifiers is the ultimate workhorse amp. The latest improvements sees the Rockerverb 50 combo placed on a crash diet, bringing it down to a more manageable weight while retaining all its appealing sonic characteristics. The result is the same beautiful amp but with an updated speaker and cabinet formation inspired by the PPC212V cab, making it nearly 20% lighter than before. The Rockerverb 50 MkIII is made from 15 mm birch ply, 3 mm more slender than before but sacrificing none of the build quality that make all Orange cabs so robust. A pair of Celestion Creamback speakers replace the V30s of old, saving over 6.5 lb. due to their use of neodymium, a far more magnetic metal than the standard ferrite, meaning less material is needed to achieve the same beautiful-sounding results.