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The Orange Amplifiers Rockerverb 50 MKIII 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head in Black is a revitalized take on a modern legend. This dual-channel, all-tube head is primed to ignite with a stunning range of tones—from pristine cleans to molten high gain. is thrilled to offer the MKIII, the latest generation of Rockerverb that incorporates over a decade of user feedback for the most versatile and potent iteration yet.

Iconic British Crunch and Beyond

The Rockerverb gained renown for its distinctive British overdrive, which the MKIII delivers in spades through its Dirty channel. From bluesy crunch to face-melting distortion, this channel spans the gamut of heavy tones with exceptional clarity. The non-master volume Clean channel receives a sparkling revamp, with greater headroom and chime. A three-band EQ on the Dirty channel and two-band EQ on the Clean channel provide ample tonal shaping.

Unparalleled Control

The MKIII grants you unsurpassed command over your volume and distortion. Select between 50W and 25W of output power to manipulate headroom and drive. A footswitchable attenuator enables cranked-amp tones at whisper-quiet volumes. Defeat the attenuator via footswitch for a volume boost to cut through the mix. The reverb circuit also receives an overhaul for a wider and brighter sweep, from subtle ambience to all-out surf.

All-Valve Design

From preamp to power stage to reverb and effects loop, the Rockerverb MKIII is a 100% all-valve design. Four 12AX7 preamp tubes and a pair of EL34 power tubes deliver the authentic tube warmth, compression and harmonics that only a valve amp can. The valve-buffered effects loop ensures your time-based effects pedals integrate seamlessly with the amp's all-valve signal path.

Roadworthy and Studio-Tested

The Rockerverb MKIII continues its predecessor's legacy as an immensely versatile amp for both live and recording applications. Touring artists and session musicians have relied on the Rockerverb series for over a decade thanks to its reliably killer tone and rugged build. The MKIII version enhances this reputation with selectable output power for any venue, built-in reverb, and an effects loop to guarantee great tone for every gig and studio date.

Orange Amplifiers Rockerverb 50 MKIII 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
Orange Amplifiers Rockerverb 50 MKIII 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
Orange Amplifiers Rockerverb 50 MKIII 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange

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  • Maximum wattage: 26W“50W; 50W
  • Tube or solid state: Tube/valve
  • Type: Head
  • Number of preamp tubes: 4
  • Preamp tube type: 12AX7/ECC83
  • Number of power tubes: 2
  • Power tube type: EL34
  • Power attenuation: Yes Half-power switch and attenuation knob
  • Impedance: 8, 16 ohms
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Footswitchable: Yes
  • Number of inputs: 1
  • Number of modes: 1
  • Channel 1: Three-band EQ, plus gain and volume
  • Channel 2: Two-band EQ and volume
  • Channel 3: Not applicable
  • Channel 4: Not applicable
  • Master volume: No
  • Mid-shift: No
  • Resonance: No
  • Presence: No
  • Bright: No
  • Contour: No
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Voicing control: No
  • Boost: No
  • Other:
  • MIDI control: No
  • Footswitch included: No
  • Effects loop: Yes
  • Footswitchable: Yes
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Tremolo: No
  • Delay: No
  • Echo: No
  • Flanger: No
  • Phaser: No
  • Modulation: No
  • Chorus: No
  • Other:
Misc. Features
  • External speaker output: Yes
  • Headphone output: No
  • Direct output: No
  • AUX input: No
  • USB connectivity: No
  • Built-in tuner: No
  • Mute: No
  • Width: 21.65"
  • Height: 10.63"
  • Depth: 11.02"
  • Weight: 45.75 lb.
  • Country of origin: England

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