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Yamaha brings nuanced expression to keyboard performance with the FC3A Continuous Piano Style Sustain Pedal. This rugged pedal allows musicians to add subtlety and shading to their playing. Compatible with Yamaha keyboards featuring half-damper capabilities, the FC3A provides a range of sustain through varying pressure—much like an acoustic piano.

Half-Damper Functionality Means Total Control

The FC3A is equipped with Yamaha's innovative half-damper technology, enabling performers to fine-tune sustain through different levels of foot pressure. This allows for the kind of nuanced control found in concert grand pianos, with a range from barely sustained to fully resonant. Such sensitive responsiveness helps keyboardists achieve a naturally expressive sound.

Built to Last

Yamaha constructed the FC3A pedal to withstand the demands of live performance and constant use. Its rugged design and sturdy components ensure years of reliable service. The pedal's 6' cable provides ample length for any stage setup while remaining securely connected.

Compatible and Versatile

The FC3A pedal works with a variety of Yamaha digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers and stage pianos equipped with half-damper functionality. Its 1/4" plug provides easy connectivity, and a slip-resistant rubber bottom keeps the pedal securely in place during even the most energetic performances.

Premium Components for Premium Sound

Yamaha included premium components in the FC3A to reproduce an authentic piano pedaling experience. Its weighted, balanced mechanism provides responsive feel and control.

Yamaha FC3A Continuous Piano Style Sustain Pedal
Yamaha FC3A Continuous Piano Style Sustain Pedal