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The MEINL Pure Alloy Custom medium-thin ride cymbal features an expressive bow and bright, cutting bell. It’s crafted to have a nice balance of stick attack and wash for a wider dynamic range and tonal spectrum. It works for jazz, rock and anything in between. Thanks to the B12 material and lighter weight, this ride is perfect for professionals and advanced students looking for bright sound without excessive overtones.

MEINL produced the Pure Alloy Custom line in response to their players, who requested thinner models from the Pure Alloy line. The result is this line of medium-thin cymbals, made from the same B12 "Pure Alloy" bronze as the rest of the line. The alloy places these cymbals between the super-bright B8 bronze and dark B20 bronze, with the lighter weight pushing Pure Alloy Custom cymbals slightly darker on the spectrum than the regular line. The thin weight also makes the attack slightly softer, with a warmer body and faster decay. MEINL was careful to preserve the bright shimmer this series is known for, but retooled it for a new type of player. And to make the line stand out, they also applied a new "smoked bronze" finish to the top and polished the bottom to a brilliant finish.
Open Box MEINL Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin Ride Level 1 22 in.
Open Box MEINL Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin Ride Level 1 22 in.
Open Box MEINL Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin Ride Level 1 22 in.

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  • 22” medium-thin ride with washy bow and cutting bell
  • Fully lathed and machine-hammered from B12 bronze
  • Thinner weights create softer attack and shorter sustain
  • Retains the shimmering quality of the Pure Alloy series, plus a hint of darkness
  • Features “smoked bronze” top finish and brilliant finish on bottom

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Sizes and Purpose
  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Ride
  • Sizes (in): 22
  • Material: B12 alloy
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: Full
  • Cymbal weight: Medium-thin
  • Finish: Proprietary

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