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MEINL Ride Cymbals

MEINL HCS Ride Cymbal
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With their drive to inspire drummers and constant desire to push creativity forward, it's no wonder Meinl is one of the world's largest cymbal manufacturing companies. Started in Germany in the early 1950s, Meinl has always been known for their high-quality cymbals and drum gear. Ride cymbals may just be one of many pieces in Meinl's product puzzle, but they are definitely important. No matter what sound you're after, this extensive selection of Meinl ride cymbals has something to offer drummers of every taste and skill level. Before you decide which Meinl ride to add to your setup, you might want to consider your own needs and preferences first. Is your goal darker, more booming beats that cut through even the loudest crowds? If so, then check out the Soundcaster Customer Powerful Ride Cymbal. A heavy weight and highly-polished finish give this cymbal a high-frequency attack with a clear penetration bell, making it perfect for taking the stage at sold-out shows. Or, perhaps you're more into the mellow melodies of R&B and are searching for a more even sound - in which case, turn your attention to the Byzance Jazz China Ride Cymbal. Adding sizzle and a slow-swelling crash to your sound, this cymbal produces exotic, trashy tones that fit right in to any rhythmic jazz set. If you're still unsure which Meinl is best for you, take a look at their top-rated rides. Boasting a well-balanced sound at a reasonable price, the MCS Medium Ride Cymbal has a clear ping, a medium sustain and a solid bell that cuts through high-levels of background noise. Another best-seller is Meinl's HCS Ride Cymbal. This beauty is a great choice for beginners because it offers a clean, warm sound with a defined ping and balanced bell. Ideal for all types of music, this cymbal will satisfy anyone who is still sorting out their playing style. And these are only a few examples of what Meinl has in store for you. There are plenty of other rides in this section, so take your time and get to know them all. Whether you're a touring professional or a weekend hobbyist, Meinl has a ride cymbal here for you.