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Harbinger VARI 3000 Series Powered Speakers | Features and Overview


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Harbinger VARI Live is an expandable, powered speaker system that evolves right along with your performance requirements. Transport, setup, configuration and real-time operations are simple, swift and intuitive. Whether you’re a solo artist looking to thrill an audience with an exquisite vocal and guitar sound, or a band desiring more impact and clarity to punch up your live shows, Harbinger VARI Live speakers deliver a wide frequency spectrum with exceptional detail and signal dispersion that can fill small, medium and large venues. The V3415’s onboard Class-D amplifier unleashes 400 watts of RMS power (2,000 watts peak power) through a 15" XR low-frequency driver and a smooth and refined PEEK (polyetheretherketone) tweeter. However, the V3415 isn’t just a speaker. In fact, the VARI designation gives away its readiness for varied applications, as the V3415 includes a built-in mixer that can accept five simultaneous input sources, five selectable voicings (main speaker, monitor speaker, speech, enhanced bass and a custom mode), app control, Bluetooth playback and even a standard USB charge jack to power up applicable devices.

Harbinger VARI Live Series V3415 Components

Upgraded Sound Quality

Harbinger really sweat the details to provide the V3415 with stunning, room-filling sound. Advancements forged by the company’s PEEK Performance program include a polyetheretherketone tweeter (for silky yet incredibly detailed highs), a gas-assist cabinet (that helps deliver articulate mids and wide-angle signal dispersion) and an XR woofer (for extended lows with a taut response). If you need additional tonal tailoring, you can use the onboard bass and treble controls to dial in some sparkle and roar, or deploy the VARI Series app.

Harbinger VARI Live Series V3415 App Control

App-Controlled EQ and Customization

The free VARI Series app (iOS, iPadOS and Android) allows wireless control of the V3415 from any position in the house. You can tune the speaker response to the room during soundchecks, hand your mobile device to a friend to make refinements when the audience is in the house and even make adjustments from the stage if someone yells, “Hey, pump up the bass!” The VARI Series app also lets you customize settings and create your own preset—perfect if you have a residency gig at a specific venue, or tend to play the same club circuit, as you won’t have to dial in your sound from scratch every time you make the scene. You can also save your personal settings to the V3415’s hardware memory and recall them without using the app—a lifesaver if you left your device in the dressing room.

Harbinger VARI Live Series V3415 Mixer

Built-in Stereo Mixer With Bluetooth Connectivity

Even a single Harbinger VARI Live V3415 can be a marvelous and portable system for solo artists, duos and DJs. The onboard mixer can manage up to five simultaneous sources, which means performers can plug in a pickup-equipped guitar or DJ controller, a microphone, a keyboard and deploy Bluetooth or a laptop to play ancillary backing tracks. If the built-in channels aren’t quite enough to manage all of your gear, simply incorporate an external mixer via the V3415’s balanced stereo inputs. A handy charge jack delivers up to 2.1 amps of power to standard USB devices.

Harbinger VARI Live Series V3415 Bluetooth

Bluetooth Stereo Linking

The Harbinger VARI Live line lets you rock a wireless—no speaker cables needed—right-left stereo pair by linking two V3415s via Bluetooth. The feature is designed for those times when you are using Bluetooth audio as the only sound source, such as streaming a music playlist or running a DJ setup via a Bluetooth device.

Harbinger VARI Live Series V3415 Smart Stereo

Link Two Speakers With Smart Stereo

If you’re using a V3415 to amplify multiple instruments and/or vocals, you can easily connect two VARI Live speakers with a single mic cable using Smart Stereo. In this configuration, one V3415 handles up to five simultaneous inputs, EQ and other settings, while Smart Stereo sends the audio to a second V3415 for an expansive stereo sound. Whether you use Bluetooth stereo linking or Smart Stereo, an available output jack on the V3415 makes it a breeze to add a Harbinger VARI Live subwoofer to the system.

Harbinger VARI Live Series V3415 DSP

Five DSP Voicings Plus Seamless Subwoofer Integration

Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of the VARI Live system, so the V3415 is suited to more uses than as a PA speaker. Five selectable DSP voicings let you determine whether a V3415 sees action as a main speaker or as a monitor wedge, and whether it sets itself up for enhanced bass (Club mode), articulate dialog (Speech mode) or a custom preset of your choosing (which you can create using the free app). Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate a subwoofer into the system by choosing Sub Cut, which ensures an optimum crossover frequency between the speaker and sub. Voicings can be further dialed in with the V3415’s bass and treble controls. DSP is also on hand to protect the system via a transparent limiter.

Harbinger VARI Live Series Family

A Complete Line of Room-Filling Speakers

The Harbinger VARI Live line offers a number of configurations so your system can meet all of your PA needs. Go with the V3415 or V3412 (if you want a slightly smaller speaker) when you’re performing at medium to large venues. Try the V2408 or V2410 speakers if you need a system for café gigs and small clubs, or use them as monitors for a 3000 Series setup. When you need more boom or dance floor-quaking lows, add a VS12 or VS18 subwoofer (or a stereo pair) to really get the audience jumping. The Harbinger VARI Live’s audio-enhancing DSP and stress-free connectivity ensure that no matter what size system you build, the sound will be cinematic, immersive, impactful and 100-percent awesome.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Upgraded sound quality with PEEK Performance
  • App-controlled EQ and customization
  • Built-in 5-source mixer with Bluetooth and Smart Stereo
  • Wireless Bluetooth stereo linking
  • Wired Smart Stereo connection
  • Five DSP voicings plus seamless subwoofer integration

collapse expand iconSpecs

Speaker Configuration
  • Active/passive: Active
  • Type: 2-way
  • LF driver: 15" XR woofer for well-controlled, extended low frequencies
  • HF driver: PEEK tweeter for smooth yet detailed high frequencies
  • Amplifier class: D
  • Wattage: 400W RMS, 2000W Peak
  • Mixer/preamp: Yes
  • Frequency response: 35Hz–22kHz
  • Coverage pattern: 85 degrees Horizontal, 65 degrees horizontal
  • Max SPL: 129dB
  • XLR: 2
  • LINE: 3 (2 mono, 1 stereo)
  • INST: 2
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Outputs
  • XLR: 2
  • Cabinet material: Gas-Assist Injection Molded PPE
  • Width: 16.5"
  • Height: 27.1"
  • Depth: 15"
  • Weight: 41 lb.