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The Gemini CDM-4000BT CD/MIXER combo player with BT input is a versatile unit combines dual CD decks, a built-in mixer and Bluetooth connectivity in one compact tabletop device. With features like seamless looping, pitch control and EQ adjustments, the CDM-4000BT provides professional-level functionality at an affordable price point.

Mix and Scratch With Dual CD Decks

The CDM-4000BT's dual CD decks enable DJs to mix, scratch and beatmatch with the touch of a button. An easy-to-read LED display shows track info for both decks simultaneously, while pitch sliders offer a +/-10% range for tight beatmatching. Seamless looping allows you to capture audio samples and incorporate them into your mixes.

Take Control With the Built-In Mixer

At the heart of the CDM-4000BT is a fully featured mixer with dedicated EQ, level and crossfader controls. Tweak your levels and adjust the bass, mids and highs to create balanced mixes. The replaceable crossfader lets you fade smoothly between decks or instantly cut from one track to the next.

Stream Audio Over Bluetooth

In addition to CDs, the CDM-4000BT allows you to play audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Easily pair your device to the CDM-4000BT and start streaming your music library or audio from streaming apps. The Bluetooth input adds another dimension of connectivity and control for DJs.

Rugged and Road-Ready

Despite its advanced capabilities, the CDM-4000BT is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent transport and use. Its all-metal chassis is durable and dent-resistant, while rubber feet prevent slipping.

Gemini CDM-4000BT CD/MIXER Combo Player With BT Input
Gemini CDM-4000BT CD/MIXER Combo Player With BT Input
Gemini CDM-4000BT CD/MIXER Combo Player With BT Input

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  • Flexible input options: USB, Bluetooth and CD
  • Center mixer section
  • Ideal for both mobile and installed applications

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1 year limited warranty.

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