Old Blood Noise Endeavors

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The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper X3 puts three synchronized expression ramping effects at your feet. You can shape your tone with triangle, square and random waveforms across three effects loops, setting independent rates for hypnotic ambient washes or stuttering, sequenced rhythms. Tap tempo synchronizes the X3 with your delays and modulations for coherent, musical results. An expression input lets you sweep the ramps for fluid swells and ebbs. Whether you seek glacial shifts or chaotic bursts, the X3 invites you to explore new dimensions of expression. With the Expression Ramper X3, Old Blood Noise Endeavors delivers an inspiring tool for crafting emotive, highly responsive guitar parts.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper X3 Effects Pedal Black

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  • Three random shapes (smooth, sharp, one-shot) plus classic shapes (triangle, square, one-shot)
  • A, B, Rate settings control motion rate and timing
  • Tempo sync via tap switch or tap out, sync multiple Expression Ramper X3s
  • Expression input for Ramper 1, 1-in-3-out Expression splitter

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