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Oboe Cases & Gig Bags

Instruments are made to travel. They've got to, after all, if you ever expect to play them outside the house. And even when they're not travelling somewhere, you're still not playing them 24 hours a day. The rest of the time, they're being stored. With so many hours spent in storage and in transit, it's safe to say your oboe deserves cozy and protective accommodations - which are exactly what you'll find in this selection of oboe cases and gig bags. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced pro; everybody needs an enclosure for his or her instrument. In fact, you might even want to own a few. That way, you'll have a suitable case or gig bag for every occasion.

You might naturally be asking yourself "what makes a case suitable for a situation?", and the answer is the level of protection it provides compared to what's required. Consider rigid cases like the DEG Oboe Case and the Fox Renard Oboe Case with Cover, for example. These are ideal for long trips or air travel, where the case is likely to take a few knocks and the solid construction keeps your oboe safe from those. The Fox case even includes a cover to add more storage and carrying options, but you've got the option to add a cover to any case if you like - just turn to the Fox 1558 Oboe Case Cover or the Cavallaro Double Reed Case Covers to get started.

Are you searching for the utility of the case cover but without the weight of that hard case underneath? If so, a gig bag is what you're after. A good example of a gig bag is the Kaces Structure Series Polyfoam Oboe Case. Compared to a rigid shell, this style offers a bit less protection - but it's still more than enough for your average day-to-day transportation. Being lighter and more portable than a hard-shell oboe case, these foam-padded gig bags are the go-to style over shorter distances.

Once you decide between a hard case and a soft gig bag, the other decisions to be made are all simple ones. Which design looks best to your eye? How many pockets do you need? Which of the options are within your budget? Answer those three questions, and you'll have no trouble narrowing down the oboe cases and gig bags to reveal the absolute best choice to meet your personal requirements.