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The Nuvo Toot is the perfect fun instrument to learn the basics of playing the flute. Featuring the Nuvo silicone key system as well as the FirstNote lip plate, the Toot is super-portable and fun to play wherever you may be.

The Toot is fully chromatic over 1.5 octaves and since it is in concert pitch like an orchestral flute, there is a wealth of music to play. You can download the free “Play It Today” tutor book and music from the Nuvo website –

The Toot is the perfect way to introduce flute to a young beginner. The silicone keys make it easy for small fingers to cover the tone holes and the FirstNote lip plate will help them to get started by simply blowing to get a nice tone. When they are ready, the FlirstNote lip plate can be replaced with the traditional lip plate (included) and the student can begin to learn standard flute embouchure.

Available in 7 fun colors to brighten up your music-making.
Nuvo TooT with Silicone Keys White/Green

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  • Unique Silicone Key System
  • Easy to Cover Holes Larger Tone Holes
  • Mellow Sound
  • Includes Standard and FirstNote Lip Plates
  • Modern Fun Styling in 7 Color Options
  • Standard Flute Fingering
  • Durable Construction
  • Smart Zipper Case
  • Plays 1.5 Octaves
  • Fully Chromatic
  • Fingering Chart Included
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean