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Nord Lead A1 - analog modeling synthesizerplay button

Nord Lead A1 - analog modeling synthesizer

Nord Lead A1 - Official demoplay button

Nord Lead A1 - Official demo

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Creating a dynamic patchplay button

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Creating a dynamic patch

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Playing Live with Multilayersplay button

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Playing Live with Multilayers


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The Nord Lead A1 analog modeling synthesizer, an innovative synthesizer that will transform your concept of synthesis. Whether on stage or in the studio, the Lead A1's advanced architecture provides a vast range of stunning sounds suitable for any musical genre. The Lead A1 features an intuitive interface that enables quick patch creation and encourages experimentation. Glide your fingers across the splittable 49-key Fatar keyboard while sweeping the filter for an incredible feel and sound. At just under 11 lb., the Lead A1 is also ideal for gigging.

Groundbreaking Analog Modeling Engine

At the heart of the Lead A1 is Nord's cutting-edge analog modeling engine that authentically recreates a complete analog signal path, capable of a huge variety of sounds. With 24-voice polyphony and four simultaneous synth parts, the Lead A1 is a powerful synth that goes beyond current analog reissue trends.

Fast, Intuitive Programming

The Lead A1's sophisticated yet simple front-panel interface enables rapid patch creation and experimentation. Developed with input from professional synth programmers, the interface includes a new oscillator section, preprogrammed modulation matrix, and simplified ADR envelopes for easy sound design, even for less-experienced users. The oscillator section generates 47 waveforms, from classic analog to digital, while unique oscillator configuration shortcuts simplify programming.

Classic Filter Models and Flexible Modulation

The Lead A1's filter section features 12dB and 24dB low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters, as well as emulations of Mini and TB-303 filters. The LFO offers multiple waveforms, and the three-stage ADR envelope provides velocity control and inversion.

Powerful Performance and Sound-Sculpting Features

The Lead A1 includes a morph function to control multiple parameters at once, four arpeggiators, and a master clock for synchronizing the LFO, arpeggiators, and delay. Four individual outputs and pan control provide flexible routing and sculpting options. The Lead A1 comes with Nord Sound Manager software for reorganizing, backing up, and transferring patches.

Nord Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

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  • Nord's best-ever analog modeling
  • 24-voice polyphony, 4 simultaneous synth parts
  • 49-key octave velocity sensitive keyboard
  • Sophisticated front panel interface
  • 47 different oscillator waveforms
  • Classic filter modes, as well as legendary emulations
  • LFO and modulation section with 3-stage ADR Modulation Envelope
  • Analog modeled effects section
  • Mod Wheel and Velocity Morph function
  • Like Button, temporarily stores favorite patches to work on
  • Mutator Function, randomly alters parameter settings
  • Newly designed Unison Mode
  • Four separate Arpeggiators
  • Master Clock function
  • Keyboard Split with 2 slots for the upper and lower sections
  • Multi Edit Mode
  • Four independent audio outputs
  • Includes Nord's Sound Manager software
  • MIDI over USB control
  • All-metal chassis with tactile knobs

collapse expand iconSpecs

User Interface
  • 3 LED displays, 23 knobs, 3 encoders and 20+ buttons for program and performance editing
Oscillator Section
  • Oscillator models of multiple waveforms (traditional analog, extended analog, pulse waveforms, real-time algorithmical waveforms with additive-, FM- and formant- synthesis)
  • OSC config knob 11 categories (Pitch, Shape, Osc Sync, Noise Mix, Osc 2 Detune, Sine Mix, Tri Mix, Saw Mix, Square Mix, Freq Modulation, Amp Modulation)
Filter Section
  • Multi-mode filter with 12dB (2-pole) low pass, 24dB (4-pole) lowpass and band pass, high pass, Ladder M and Ladder TB characteristics
  • Cut off, Resonance, envelope amount, envelope amount controlled by velocity
  • ADR/ASR envelope
  • Filter keyboard tracking can be set to off, 1/3, 2/3 or full
  • Adjustable Filter Distortion
Modulation Section
  • LFO generates a triangle, square, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth or sample and hold waveforms; LFO can be routed to Filter Frequency and Osc mod; the LFO rate can be synchronized to the Master Clock
  • LFO can be switched to polyphonic Env mode with four different characteristics and sample and hold is manually triggered by keyboard (polyphonic S/H)
  • Arpeggiator: Range: 1-4 octave; Modes: up, down, up/down and random; the Arpeggio rate can be synchronized to the Master Clock
  • ADR/ASR envelope, velocity control on/off, inverse envelope on/off
Amplifier Section
  • ADR/ASR envelope, velocity control on/off, gain control
  • Individual Pan-control per program
Performance Section
  • Voice modes: Poly, Legato with portamento, Mono, True Unison 1, 2 & 3
  • Four program slots for layering possibilities and multitimbrality
  • FX section with Flanger, Phaser, Ring Modulation, Chorus, Ensemble and Drive
  • Delay section with tap tempo, four stages of feedback, stereo ping-pong, dry/wet mix; The Delay speed can be synchronized to the Master Clock
  • Reverb section with five algorithms (Room, Stage 1, Stage 2, Hall 1, Hall 2)
  • Programs (single sounds): 8 x 50 (400) locations
  • Performances (multi sounds): 4 x 50 (200) locations
Audio Out
  • 4 outputs. Each slot can be assigned to its own output
  • Headphones output
  • High-resolution low noise 24-bit DACs
MIDI Features
  • All control knobs and switches send and receive control change messages
  • System exclusive bulk dumps. One program or all programs
  • Master Clock will sync to incoming MIDI clock
  • Soft Thru
  • 4 Line Level Audio Outputs: 1/4", 6.35 mm jacks, unbalanced
  • Stereo Headphone Output: 1/4", 6.35 mm stereo jack
  • Sustain Pedal: 1/4", 6.35 mm jack. Use a momentary pedal, like e.g., Roland DP-2, DP-6, Yamaha FC-4, FC-5, Fatar VFP1-25, etc.
  • Control Pedal: 1/4", 6.35 mm TRS stereo jack; Use a Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-7, Roland EV-5, KORG EXP2 or KORG XVP10
  • USB connector with MIDI capabilities
  • MIDI In & Out - 5 pin DIN connectors
Included Accessories
  • User Manual
  • Power Cord with IEC C14 connector
  • Rack Ears (rack version only)
  • Nord Lead A1: 864 x 94 x 272 mm (34" x 3.7" x 10.7")
  • Nord Lead A1: 4.85 kg (10.7 lb.)

collapse expand iconWarranty

One year parts and labor warranty on all Nord and Ddrum products with the exception of 30 day warranty on drum triggers.

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